Why food sticks to stainless steel pans

Many a times you will be wondered why the food items are sticking to the stainless frequently? It happens due to the chemical bonding. The metal of the pan and food undergo a process of chemical bonding when they are heated. Foods with high protein are normally prone to stick. This is an informal summary for why food sticks to stainless steel pans!

Why food sticks to stainless steel pans

Non clean surface

One of the reasons for food stick with the pan is due to the non-clean surface of the pan. After every use, the pan needs to be washed moderately, rinsed and dried. You don’t have to use a rough scrub to clean the surface that may spoil the smoothness of the surface.

Cold and Dry food

Food with cold and dry will stick to the pan. Cold food must be allowed to settle to the room temperature. You have to keep out the food from the refrigerator before use and allow settling it with the room temperature. Dry food also will stick to the pan if not used properly. To avoid the sticking tendency, pour oil into the pan and wait until the oil is heated up if you want to cook the food with oil. In the event if you want to cook/steam the food sprinkle some water in the required level before you place the food in the pan for cooking. Make sure to have enough water that is adequate for the cooking. If there is no sufficient water, you can hear the sizzling sound. If no water is added at the time of hearing the sizzling sound, the food item may stick to the pan.

Too much food

Keeping too much food in the pan also will be a reason for the food to get stuck to the stainless steel pan. If you put too much food for cooking, there won’t be enough space for the food item to move around and use the spatula properly. When too much food is kept for cooking, the temperature required for the actual cooking will be less than the required level. The low-temperature cooking can be a reason to produce brown color stain on the surface of the pain. This is happening due to the Maillard reaction and caramelization. This will eventually, lead the food to stick to the pan.

Cover cooking

Covered cooking will be yet another reason for food to stick to the pan. If there is no requirement to do the cooking to prevent loss of vitamin or maintain the quality of food, use open pan style cooking to avoid food sticking.

Moving food immediately after placing

Moving food immediately, without giving enough time to get food cooked is also a reason for food sticking to the pan. This is especially happening while frying food. You need to give the required time get the surface cooked well and is ready to move easily out. If you don’t need a sautéed crispy surface, move the food immediately it is done.

For our naked eye, the surface of the pan may look simple plain but actually the metal surface is having a lot of micropores and technically will be a rough surface. Unless you apply some technique to reduce the roughness of the pan surface, there will be every chance the pan to show the food sticking tendency. Using oil or water to the required level will help to control the sticking nature of the pan. Why food sticks to stainless steel pan are due to all these reasons and one can have a pleasurable cooking experience by avoiding all the causes.

Tips to Use a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are using to remove moister contents from the air in a room. The dehumidifiers have to be selected as per the size of your room that can install permanently or like a portable unit. It helps to maintain a healthy living atmosphere and create a comfortable living situation. It is very beneficial for people suffering from allergies, and respiratory issues arise out of humid living conditions. Let us check here how we can use a best dehumidifier effectively.

Tips to Use a Dehumidifier

Tips to Use a Dehumidifier

  1. Selection of dehumidifier: Select your dehumidifier as per the size of your room and area what has to be humidified. If you have the CFM reading and you know the ACH number then you can calculate the pints of the room and accordingly you can choose the right capacity dehumidifier.
  2. Choose the right size: Select the right size according to your room size or basement size where you want to use the dehumidifier. Make sure you have the right numbers and accordingly decide the capacity of your dehumidifying unit. Remember large humidifier will be expensive by cost wise and it also will consume more power.
  3. Special dehumidifiers for special areas: Buy specially designed dehumidifiers for using special areas such as pool house, spa room, warehouse, etc.
  4. Portable dehumidifier: This is ideal if you are planning to move the dehumidifier to different rooms.   You can also consider doing ducting to use a single dehumidifier for many rooms by connecting to the HVAC system.
  5. Use the features wisely: Modern dehumidifiers are available with multiple features. Some of the commonly seen features are as follows:
  • Adjustable controllers: This feature will allow to manually controlling the relative humidity level of the room. The automatic shutdown feature will cease the dehumidifying activity once the setting is reached to its required level.
  • Hygrometer: The built-in hygrometer can be used to check the humidity level and accordingly you can select the dehumidification.
  • Automatic features: The automatic cut-off feature will take care of the dehumidification process once it is reached its required level.
  • Automatic defrost: Continuous use may be a reason to produce frost build up on the coil of the appliance. Accumulated frost will be a reason for damaging the machine that will be taken care of by automatic defrost mechanism.

  1. How can you decide the right time of dehumidification?

  • Dampness: If you feel the room is damp, and you feel the relative humidity is very high and you can feel the mildewed smell then it is an indication to use a dehumidifier. You can feel the dampness by touching the wall or seeing water patches on the floor and wall.
  • Excess humidity: This condition may be a reason for the asthmatic attack and other allergic reactions. Breathing congestion, frequent cough and symptom of cold are also related to excess humidity. If you this kind of situation persist, start using a dehumidifier and bring the relative humidity level to the required level.
  1. Summer time: During the summer season the humidity level will be very high, and this will increase the dampness level of the room and resulting uncomfortable situation. Using a dehumidifier can improve the internal room climate and help to improve the air conditioner performance.
  2. Dehumidifier and winter climate: Use special dehumidifiers designed to use in cold climate conditions. Normal compressor using dehumidifiers will get damaged once the frost starts to build up in the coil. So use desiccant dehumidifiers specially designed for cold climate countries.
  3. Ideal location to place the dehumidifier:
  • Keep the dehumidifier with a lot of air circulation ideally 6 to 12 inches around the appliance. The air discharge vent area is provided on top of the dehumidifier. Hence, the appliance can be placed against the wall.
  • The hose using to drain the water need to be fixed carefully in a sink or where the water can be guided out without spoiling the room.
  • Avoid keeping the dehumidifier where it can attract dust and dirt.
  • Keep the dehumidifier where you need it most.
  • When the dehumidifier is in action, close all the door and windows to get maximum utility.
  • If you are using a portable dehumidifier and use for multiple rooms, keep it between the rooms for a better result.

In addition to all the above, it is advised to read the owner’s manual and have a good understanding of its operation and cleaning. Periodical cleaning is essential to keep the best dehumidifier in good condition. Clean the drip reservoir by using mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and keep it open space for drying. Also, check the coil of the dehumidifier and air filter regularly. Do not put on the machine immediately once you have switched it off. Allow the appliance for minimum 10 minutes to settle before you start it again. This will increase the life of the machine, and you can have uninterrupted long service.

Shopping For Portable Induction Stoves

With so many different brands, promises and quality, you are spoiled for choices where induction cooktops are concerned. Here you will learn how effectively you can shop for the ideal product.
One important note: do not buy cheap. Such pieces show performance disadvantages or are damaged easily. Reasonably priced induction stoves give much better value for money.

Shopping For Portable Induction Stoves

• The Original Wattage – They prominently print 2000w on eye-grabbing areas of the product packaging but be sure to check for the intricate details somewhere else, mostly at the back.
Several cheap products have 900~1350w, which is nowhere as efficient as induction stoves need to be. Normal tempered glass tops or ceramic plates often go on such low-wattage stoves. These can crack due to electrical surges that the stove does not come equipped to handle.
Anything around 1800w and over is a good investment. On the other hand, your stove needs to be able to work with low voltages also. Some remote areas can cause electrical fluctuations that your stove may not be preapred to use.

Check out the voltage label on the product to learn more.

• The Cooker Body – Low cost induction stoves have a plastic body; you can see it in the finish. Three months or so later, this weak body will display cracks and staining and will prove useless with heavy pans or pots. Good strong bodies, preferably metal, is the way to go.
• The Heating Coil – Aluminum induction coils are not as strong or durable as pure copper coils. They former will not be able to withstand power fluctuations. Even if the cooktop plates are great, the coil can burn out and cause internal problems.
• The Main PCB Board & Components – It is recommended that you find a motherboard with the words Siemens IGBT written somewhere on it. Small PCB boards function way below 20 Amps, which is another problem factor with induction stove efficiency.
By extension, the same idea appli

es to the internal components attached to the PCB board. The bigger the board, the more durability and stability features are used for the components, including the IC chip and Rectifier.
• The Cooktop Plates – Check to see whether the top heating plates are A-Grade German Crystal Plates; they may sound expensive but they’re affordable. In addition, these plates are durable and can withstand high temperatures.
• Dimensions – Instead of opting for individual best portable induction cooktops 2015, go for a full-size body with 4 to 5 cooktop plates all on one sturdy frame. Not only are these designed to promote ideal air circulation for the PCB board, they also increase the whole stove’s lifespan. As for plate sizes, look for the 270×270 mm ones; they can accommodate larger pots or pans.
• Warranty – A minimum of 2 years should be your warranty statement. Anything less is not good enough for a modern induction cooktop. All material things are prone to accidents, and even the best stoves fall into this category. A warranty is like life insurance for your new investment. 2 years and more warranty also reflect on the brand, quality, and durability.

Choose the right vacuum for hardwood floors


The competition just gets tougher and tougher as vacuums compete to prove themselves worthy to clean your most treasured hardwood floors. We all know that hardwood floors are not just an asset in one’s dream home, but an investment as well. So we can’t afford anything to damage it, not even one scratch.

The reality is, there is still no vacuum that focuses on hardwood floors, because vacuums are made for a multitude of functions. But the good news is, there are tricks to choose the right vacuum for hardwood floors. And we’ll share it to you for free:

Choose the right vacuum for hardwood floors

  1. The Types:

The first decision is what type you want to have as your partner in cleaning your hardwood floor. You have to know the difference between an upright, a canister, a handheld, an automatic, and a stick vacuum cleaner, as these are the common kinds used in cleaning the house.

The traditional one, the upright vacuum cleaner, has a good power to clean, and provides the necessary attachments for cleaning different parts of the house.

The canister vacuum cleaner provides more flexibility and offers the same capability of the upright kind.

The handheld vacuum cleaners may be the most flexible and convenient kind of vacuum, but the device is designed to clean those hard to reach places, the spill and your upholsteries.

The automatic vacuum cleaner is becoming more popular as it cleans your floors, has a program for cleaning instructions on its own and turns off automatically after its duty.

The stick vacuum cleaner can be qualified as a kind of an upright vacuum, however, gaining its own name as the vacuum cleaner suited to clean small areas and carpets. And it has proven its quality to clean hardwood floors.

  1. A “No Scratch” Policy:

You should take note of vacuum cleaners that will not leave any marks or scratches to your hardwood floor. There are two important notes you must consider. The first one is the ability of the vacuum cleaner to be brushless or it has a switch for the brush-roll. And the last one is that the vacuum should have a protective barrier, so it does not have a direct contact with your hardwood floors. Examples of which are the rubber and felt strips.

  1. A Strong Motor:

A strong motor depicts a strong suction power. Hardwood floors need a vacuum that is able to lift up those small particles and dirt without any hassle.

  1. The Flexibility and Portability:

You must also consider the portability of the vacuum cleaner you will use to clean your hardwood floors. This means that the maneuverability and how easy it is to carry. Flexibility can be measured with the different cleaning attachments to clean not only the floor, but also the spaces between hardwood floors and the corners where it meets the wall.

  1. Functions and Settings:

It must have been a beautiful feature if your vacuum cleaner can be adjusted to a definite height, or can be set to a bare floor setting or has programs for it to function automatically. Another function to look for is the sweep or mop functions. As the term implies, it sweeps the floor, and the mop function is for the moisture or water spills.

Once you get the different features, functions, styles and of course how strong it is, then you are now ready to buy the vacuum cleaner that fits your floor of choice – Hardwood!

Choosing the Best Air Compressor Depending on What You Need

Do you usually feel lost whenever you are looking at a wide array of air compressors that you have to choose from? You cannot help but look at different items for a long period of time. You may think that you already know what you want to purchase when you check out the various websites but the moment that you see the air compressors all together, you cannot help but feel confused.

Choosing the Best Air Compressor Depending on What You Need

In order to help you out, you would have to arm yourself with all the right knowledge that will help you out when you are already making the right choice. What do you think are the things that you ought to know more about?

  • Check the Tools You Are Going to Use

There are different tools that you need to use with the right air compressor. For instance, if you are going to use a nail gun, then you should use an air compressor that can handle that. If you would choose one that does not work that well, there is a chance that you will not be able to use the air compressor well.

  • Check the Capacity of the Air Compressor

You have to know the current capacity of the air compressor reviews that you are going to use. If the air compressor does not have enough capacity, it will be harder to do certain tasks such as using the air compressor to paint certain areas around the home.

  • Check The Type of Air Compressor You Need

Do you need an air compressor that will allow you to move it from one place to another? If you do, then you need a portable air compressor. Portable air compressors usually do not weigh much and can be brought easily from place to place. A stationary air compressor on the other hand can only stay in one place. This means that work should only be done at that place for all time.

  • Check the Horsepower (HP) and the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of the Air Compressor

You have to remember that the horsepower and the CFM are both working together in order to make the air compressor strong. You would have to choose something that can work well with the tools that you are using as mentioned earlier.

  • Check if You Want Electricity Powered or Gasoline Powered

There are some air compressors that are powered by electricity and these are very easy to use. They also cost less than using gasoline powered air compressors. There is a need for the air compressor to stay in a certain place. Gasoline powered air compressors on the other hand can be used basically everywhere as long as there is enough gasoline to stay around.

Now that you already know the basic things that you ought to know about making the right choice with air compressors, you have to consider the price of the air compressor you would like to purchase as well. If you would choose the right air compressor, you do not have anything to worry about at all.


What to Look for in Good Vacuum Sealer Reviews.



Buying a good vacuum sealer that will fit your needs can be an uphill task. Even worse is the fact that most people do not really know what they want and this can lead to frustrations. While Vacuum sealer reviews can help to shed some light and point you in the right direction, not all of them are helpful and some can be more misleading than helpful. To ensure that you do not end up more confused than you started, here are some of the things that you should look for in a review before you settle on the information offered.


In most cases, the Vacuum sealer reviews are sponsored by the manufacturer and hence in most cases will not be honest and will tend to concentrate more on the positive side of the product. Because of this, you might end up buying a product only to find out that it has some downsides that really limit its ability to serve you. A good review should have sufficient information both on the strengths and weaknesses to allow you make a more informed decision.


One of the most important aspects that every review should have is the features that the vacuum sealer has. The features shed light on what the sealer is capable of doing and also based on the features you can be able to clearly tell if it is what you are looking for and also it gives you a clear picture of what to expect. The features should include among other things any available warranties and money back guarantees as well as what is included in the packaging once you buy it.


It always helps to have a vivid picture of the vacuum sealer that you will be buying and any of the serious vacuum sealer reviews should ensure that they have an image. After all, the physical look of the machine is a primary factor when deciding what vacuum sealer what you would like to buy.

Pros and cons.

In most cases, a good number of the reviews will share plenty of advantages with regards to the sealer. However, while this is a good sign, it important that you know where the machine is short-handed as well so you can be able to make a much better informed decision. Furthermore, having information on both sides of the coin ensures that you are not blind-sided and end up buying an appliance that is not the right fit for you.


It is very hard to establish the credibility of most of the reviewing sites but there are those that have come to be well known with regards to electronic reviews. Because of their in depth understanding and huge following they can be an ideal place to look at different reviews since they have plenty of information, images and everything else that you would need to make a good decision.

Customer reviews.

What previous customers think of the vacuum sealer that you are about to buy is very important. This is because they are not biased and they do not hold back which is the reason why they should be featured in most of the Vacuum sealer reviews.

With proper information, you will find it much easier to make the right decision with regards to the vacuum sealer that you would like even if this would be your first time shopping for such an appliance. This is why good Vacuum sealer reviews that are not biased are very important.

How to spend wisely while purchasing a new Kitchen Faucet?

Amidst scores of designer kitchen faucet reviews, and dozens of instructions in meticulously-compiled buying guides with regard to the ways and means to find the best kitchen faucet, one often tends to forget about the fundamental purchasing factor that needs to be analyzed- the cost involved. How much you are spending on your new best rated kitchen faucets is a sum-total of purchasing cost, installation cost and expected maintenance costs over the long run. It is therefore very important to spend wisely and keep a fixed budgetary range in mind.

How to spend wisely while purchasing a new Kitchen Faucet

Determining Good Value for Money

The term ‘value for money’ has been widely used by sales and marketing teams for the purpose of alluring customers to their products or services, since time immemorial. But it is actually up to you as a customer to determine what defines ‘value for money’ from your perspective or point of view. After all, you’re the one who is spending! So here’s a glance at the inherent advantages that a new kitchen faucet must definitely provide you with, considering the amount of money you are about to spend. You can feel free to add to the list, because that’s what determining good value for money is all about!

  1. The flow of water needs to be consistent and exactly as required by you to complete your kitchen chores in a seamless and trouble-free manner. Purchasing a lovely, eye-striking kitchen faucet that draws envy from onlookers, but ends up creating a mess, every time you use it, is definitely not value for your hard-earned money.
  2. The height of the faucet should be appropriate as per the depth of your sink, and the water falling should not be excessively noisy (which will mostly happen is the height of the spout is way above the base of the sink). So get a kitchen faucet and install it in a manner that goes easy on your ears!
  3. The extra features provided by the faucet, such as 360-degrees swivelling, water filtration, knob-controlled water temperature alteration, side-spraying for cleaning requirements and additional higher arches in case you need to fill water in a tall container. The basic function of water pouring is a feature that’s common to each and every kitchen faucet, but the determinant of value for money is the availability of these extra functions, or any other specific functions that you require for your kitchen.

How to spend wisely while purchasing a Kitchen Faucet

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Checklist for spending on a new kitchen faucet

It is not only helpful to affix or ascertain a certain spending limit, but also a wise decision to create a very brief checklist to determine your spending limit on a new kitchen faucet. Here’s a possible checklist for the very purpose, and you can add or subtract certain points based upon your particular scenario:-

  1. Make a note of the purchase cost after deducting any possible discount or promotional offer.
  2. In case you are making an online purchase, make sure that you add the delivery charges of the kitchen faucet, as applicable.
  3. Add the cost of side-sprays, soap dishes, hot-water dispensers and any other accessories or attachments.
  4. Based on whether the faucet would require a one-hole, two-hole or three-hole installation, the approximate installation charges can be determined and added on to the base cost.
  5. Check for the manufacturer’s warranty, and what all components it includes. If the warranty includes a certain set of spare parts or repairs only, or has a very short time period, or is a restricted form of warranty, it is advisable that you keep at least an amount thrice of the installation cost for long-term maintenance costs. If the warranty is all-inclusive and for a longer duration, you can keep your kitchen faucet maintenance costs at an amount approximately equivalent to the installation costs.

Read Reviews Prior to Purchase

When it comes to a purchase as vital as a kitchen faucet, and particularly for online purchases, you should always read genuine customer reviews of the product. Be wary of fabricated customer reviews of questionable sites, and refer to reviews from more than one site, rather than depending on just one particular area. Spending on a new kitchen faucet entails a good amount of money, and it’s up to your research and analytical skills to make it worthwhile!

Five Must Have Features For Your New Kitchen Sink Faucet

Remodeling a kitchen may be a real little pleasure. You can decide on a brand new sink, closets, furniture, fresh counter-tops and a lot of other other items. It’s going to be plenty of function, at the same time in the event you are engaged in a complete upgrade. The something that you don’t need to do is select among the drain taps that does not do every thing.

Five Must Have Features For Your New Kitchen Sink Faucet


There are several kinds of drain taps and also you may select from an extremely fundamental design to one on account of of technology that is fresh. You might not possess the budget to get most of the attributes potential, but it is possible to simply pick a sink to your kitchen with all the attributes that are very best. Here’s a listing of the five characteristics that are top you just should get.

Five Attributes You require on your fresh Faucet

  1. Contact or Movement Technology

We overlook about how filthy our sink may get if we always need to turn the switches on to get the water. You’ll simply move your bacteria back for your own fingers or to another person ‘s fingers, in the event that you try it with fingers coated in bloodstream, chicken intestines or alternative soil. It doesn’t do much for producing a hygienic environment for your household.

Finding a drain tap with touch technology may let you just hit bump the tap to commence the stream of water’s throat. Do identical also it’s going to shutoff. You you may not actually need to touch the sink if you’re able to manage motion detector technology. The movement of water as well as simply wave your hand before the detector may begin. These types of faucets both may get rid of germs’ passage of during your home.

  1. A Sprayer

No sink for the kitchen is not incomplete with no sprayer. You may select from aspect sprayer or several distinct fashions such as the pull-down, grab. This selection will be dictated by your sink selection, to a level, as some are not worse for others and just one pit installments for three-hole installments. A sprayer provides a cleaning device that is strong as well as comfort to your own kitchen.

  1. All-steel building

Some nevertheless aren’t, although many taps are manufactured from metal. This can be a characteristic that is very important since in case you don’t get all- building time will be corroded over by the interior of your sink. Steel does not rust thanks to water, making it ideal for the interior building of your new sink and survives longer.

  1. Water-conservation Technology

Preserving water will help a faucet is paid for by itself. In addition, it can aid one to do what you can to preserve among the very critical assets in the world. Movement and hint engineering aid, but some taps are especially developed to preserve water. The good thing is these taps nevertheless provide you with the strength you require from the tap that is specific as well as the sprayer.


  1. Finish

The last attribute you must remember to get is the end that is correct. With several selections including opera to oil-rubbed bronze, you should remember to pick a sink that suits all your appliances, countertops and the overall decor of your kitchen perfectly. This can allow you to make the look of your kitchen shine as well as enhance it.

A fast Trick for Selecting the proper Kitchen Faucet

Five Must Have Features For Your New Kitchen Sink Faucet2

One final notice, when selecting your kitchen-sink sink, be sure you see the critiques which are on the market. Clients have already been kind enough by showing you exactly what their experience is using the sink they selected to assist you. It will help you provide you with the function you would like in your kitchen and make your final judgment for the proper kitchen sink to match the decoration.

Choosing and Hiring a General Contractor

There are a number of matters by which you must execute prior to hiring anyone upon hiring a building contractor.

First and foremost you always need to check licensures and the possible contractor’s credentials, every state has distinct permit conditions therefore it is vital you know what your particular states are that you will be prepared. It’s also advisable to inquire when they will have insurance that insures workman’s compensation as well as other obligations.

Choosing and Hiring a General Contractor

Additionally, asking for references as you would like to hire a person that has expertise as well as an excellent standing is recommended.

It’s definitely a good idea to ask families, friends as well as neighbors what contractors they advocate because if they’ve a recommendation you understand they’ve used the contractor when they’re putting a good word in for him, and he clearly generates great effects. Family and friends may be an excellent reference for the contractor provided that they’re family and your friends and not his.

One more matter to consider is requiring bids, it is possible to put it out there which you happen to be in the marketplace to get a contractor after which stipulate what it’s that you need done and possess the possible contractors come out as well as look at what exactly you need done and they’ll subsequently give an approximation, remember to still screen everyone, but this provides you with the chance to engage the contractor with all the better alternatives and approximation.

Getting a good deal on your own building needs is a plus, on the other hand, that shouldn’t be the sole motive you select one contractor on the other. Typically, you get everything you pay for. So the contractor that is more affordable does not always mean you will get the better deal.

This is an essential hint for people who are looking to employ a building contractor, you never, under any condition pay than. A lot of times building contractors have chosen the cash upfront do a lousy job or to not complete the work.

It is necessary to stick to the 30% rule not all building contractors are like that yet. As the contractor reach certain milestones throughout the building procedure, making payments is an excellent tip too. By then continuing the payments and paying 30% up front you might be ensuring their payment in addition to the conclusion of your building.

Choosing and Hiring a General Contractor2

One last suggestion, the most significant hint them out of all is to really have a contract. The contract should have a large number of things.

You’re letting the contractor understand that you just need a time frame done in a timely manner by setting it on the building. You could possibly get the timeframe in the contractor.

The contractor will have the ability to say the length of time the building could require. When the potential contractor say it’s going to take 3-4 days to finish afterward I’d place this in the contract but possibly put in 2 in the possibly opportunity of inclement weather or a day.

The construction contractor are completely certified plus they even supply their license number on their web site. The construction contractor are completely guaranteed too. From time to time the contractor have their contractors choose a Osha course to ensure everything and everyone is present and all updated.